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Results are Case Specific

Results are going to be case specific. Additionally, many factors may affect your specific case. Each case is evaluated based on factors such as damages, insurance available, injuries, and many other factors. These results are not a guarantee that your case will settle with similar results. 

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Negligent Security : $1,000,000.00

Client was shot at an apartment complex. With the assistance of a talented Atlanta attorney we were able to secure a million dollars for the client. 

Auto Accident : $225,000.00

Client was hit by a driver who crossed the centerline. Client attempted to avoid the accident unsuccessfully. Top offer before filing the lawsuit was $80,000.00. After we filed the lawsuit, we were able to secure a settlement that satisfied the client. 

Auto Accident 1 :$25,000.00 Same Client, Auto Accident 2: $50,000.00

Client was a passenger in a vehicle that the driver flipped over avoiding colliding with a motorcycle. Damage was isolated to above my client's head. Insurance offered $8,000.00 so I filed the lawsuit. Soon after, the insurance settled for policy limits of $25,000.00. 

Two months later the same client was involved in a second accident. This time the other vehicle pulled out in front of my client, totaling my client's vehicle. Insurance settled for policy limits of $50,000.00

Motorcycle Hit and Run : $100,000.00

Client on his Harley Davidson was knocked off his motorcycle by a pickup truck who then fled the scene. Client recovered and received full policy from his own uninsured motorist coverage. 

Rear End Collision : $175,000.00

Client was rear ended on I-85 while slowing down in traffic. The at fault driver hit my client with so much force his car bent causing his sunroof to pop open. Client received full policy from the at fault party $50,000.00 plus two underinsured motorist policies he had $50,000.00 and a rental car policy for state minimums $25,000.00 since the at fault driver was in a rental vehicle.

DUI Rear end Collision : Policy Limits

 Client was rear ended by a drunk driver. The damage was slight and the client treated with a chiropractor. Insurance knew the potential for punitive damages could be an issue if the lawsuit was filed, so they settled for policy limits $25,000.00.  

DUI Accident : $90,000.00

Client was hit while driving a pickup truck with a trailer hitched to the back. The vehicle hit him so hard, he spun out of control and ended up off the highway from the far left lane. The vehicle that hit my client was in an active police pursuit for weaving and speeding. At fault driver  was arrested for a DUI and my client received full policy limits from the at fault driver's policy as well as his own UM insurance. 

Rear End Collision : $70,000.00

 Client was rear ended by a tow truck. Client received injection in his back and recovered. Insurance company settled the case and the client was very happy.  

Premise Liability : Confidential

Client fell into a hole in a metal drain grate at a car wash while washing her car. The car wash had recently been sold to a new owner, so I knew they would have had the site inspected. I also knew the hole would have been noted in that report. I sent the demand based on my client's injuries and the adjuster admitted liability immediately and the case settled within a few days.

Parking Lot Auto Accident : Policy Limits

Client fired her first attorney for failing to communicate about her case for over 2 years. When she called me, I told her there was a chance I wouldn't be able to help since the statute of limitations bars bringing a lawsuit in Georgia after 2 years. Client didn't know where she treated or when. Luckily, the previous attorney had filed the lawsuit on the last day possible. However, after he was fired he failed to show up at the no service hearing and the case was dismissed for want of prosecution. Thanks to Georgia Statutes, I was able to refile the case and the insurance company settled for policy limits $25,000.00. 

Rear End Collision: $100,00.00

Client was sitting at a red light and was rear ended by a vehicle that didn't see him in time to stop. Client was issued a citation in as well as the vehicle that hit him because the at fault driver told the police our client was switching lanes, which was untrue. We were able to get the ticket dismissed then we obtained policy limits from the at fault party as it was evident that the driver was not being honest as to how the accident occurred. 

DUI Hit and Run : Policy Limits

Client was hit on the drivers side of her vehicle sitting at a red light when a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle at an intersection. The at fault driver backed up and left the scene. Luckly, some good samaritans followed the driver and spotted him at a liquor store getting out of his car and moving to the passenger side to pretend he wasn't the driver. Police showed up and arrested him. The insurance company tried to offer less than policy limits so we initiated litigation. Within 2 months, defense council tendered policy limits because defendant refused to answer any discovery and with punitive damages plead in the complaint, defense council knew they could lose way more than the policy amount. 


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